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English and journalism teacher at Mount Vernon High School since 2001. Adviser to www.themustangmoon.com school newspaper and The Centaur yearbook. ICTE Executive Board, IHSPA Board of Directors, CJE in JEA.
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The Evolution of the Teaching Caveman

Here is a link to my article meeting the theme “Instruction that Sticks” as published in ASCD Express Oct. 9, 2014. Volume 10, Issue 3. http://www.ascd.org/ascd-express/vol10/1003-gage.aspx?utm_source=ascdexpress&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=express1003 Advertisements

Love Song to the Teacher Librarian

Five Ways a Classroom Teacher Utilizes a Certified Teacher Librarian to Enhance the Secondary English Classroom By JoAnn Gage At a recent EdCamp for English teachers hosted by ICTE, I was saddened to learn that many schools right here in Iowa are losing their teacher librarians.  With tightening budgets and a drive to spend money … Continue reading

The Power of Telling a Positive Story

Below is a link to my article published in ASCD Express Feb. 13, 2014. I wrote about my experience sharing positive classroom stories on social media to change the perception of public schools: http://www.ascd.org/ascd-express/vol9/910-gage.aspx

Context and The Custom House videos-“The Scarlet Letter”

This video places The Scarlet Letter in context:   This video summarizes “The Custom House” from The Scarlet Letter:

Video of Shakespeare and his times

  Freshmen, click on the link to see the video about Shakespeare and his times that we viewed in class: http://youtu.be/DTtPW-zT45k

Personal Narrative Assignment English I

English I               “A Christmas Memory” by Truman Capote Writing a Narrative Unit (rough draft due Nov 25, final copy due Dec. 2) Link to story: http://capoteweb.com/a-christmas-memory/  After we read Truman Capote’s story together, we will discuss the story. Follow along and underline description that you enjoy. You will receive a copy of the vocabulary … Continue reading

Lord of the Flies video review

The Lord of the Flies test is Thursday, Nov. 7. Below is a video which reviews the plot of the book.  

Of Mice and Men Summary Video

Here is a basic summary of the story from SparkNotes that you can use as review.  It isn’t everything that you will need to know, but it might help you understand the story, especially if you were absent from class.

Mystery Stories Recommended Individual Reading

In Mysteries, you are required to keep a reading log for one mystery, crime, or suspense book per quarter. This is worth 25 points and cannot be turned in late. The first one is due Oct. 8, and the second is due Dec. 17, 2013. Below are some links to recommended books: The Top 100 … Continue reading

English I Persuasive Research Paper

Here is the link to our research paper materials, including the assignment sheet, a model paper, and research sources: http://www.edline.net/pages/Mount_Vernon_High_School/Library/Research_Materials If the link doesn’t work, go to http://www.mountvernon.k12.ia.us and then go to the library site and click on “research materials.”